Earwax Cafe

Earwax Cafe
1561 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 772-4019

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Don't let the name deter you...quite yummy - @ Insider Pages
Little intimidating to walk into if you aren't a hipster...but the food is pretty tasty for a hole-in-the-wall cafe. Love the black bean burger and quinoa and veggie burrito. \r \r Highly recommended for veggies and vegans- lots of variety.

Unique spot, good food - @ Citysearch
This place is located in a really neat neighborhood, great place to walk around and explore. Their food was good and the ambiance in awesome, totally unique. I'm definitely going back.

Delicious and lots of vegetarian options - @ Insider Pages
This is a great little place with a lot of vegetarian options. The service is appealingly indifferent--sometimes they'll give you a little attitude but it's always friendly. I love that you can get flavored steamed milk here too. I love…

Seitan Ruben to die for! - @ Citysearch
great place to have a meal with one or two freinds, and great veggie choices. seitan ruben was amazing, thier coffee is always fresh and tasy, and ecclectic atmosphere keeps it fun. Service can be just a little slow(while very freindly),…

Great for vegetarians - @ Citysearch
This place has a great selection for vegetarians. They have the best veggie burgers in the neighborhood and you have to try the Jamaican salad with Seitan, it's so so good. Great spot for lunch, especially when you're hitting up the local…

Get past the name and chow down! - @ Citysearch
Great service from the friendly staff, excellent menu suggestions from our just the right amount of attention waiter, could have lived without some of the funky, overloud music but LOVED the fantastic Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadilla

LOVE THE FOOD...and service is great, too. - @ Citysearch
Being from Austin, TX...I look for places to take away my longing for that hippie-Austin food. Earwax is the place! Great service and atmosphere. LOVE the food and the chai is made in house! The sodas they carry are localy made and are…

Was impressed... - @ Citysearch
lets be honest, the name is just not appealing to the appetite.. but i was pleasantly suprised.. it turned out to be a good eatery with great service.

Earwax Cafe - @ Judy's Book
Did you know that you can rent a movie from here. Earwax is a one stop shop for some of us. You can sit down, get a bottomless cup of coffee, eat some cake and then go and pick out a movie to rent from their library. This place is…

The yummy food is worth enduring the hipsters - @ Citysearch
It's Wicker Park, so hipsters abound. But it's still got a great & varied menu, both the food upstairs & the DVD selection downstairs. I'm not a vegetarian, but I love the vegetarian entrees at Earwax. The sweet potato & black bean…

Try it! - @ Judy's Book
For a place called earwax, this cafe is everything but gross. They've got far better veggie food than the Chicago diner and great coffee drinks.The vibe is very happy an bright , well as happy and bright as Wicker Park will let it be. Its…

Love this place... - @ Judy's Book
If there's anything that captures the character of this neighborhood it's Earwax. You have to check this place out. The atmosphere is unique, the prices are great and the service is good! :)

I'm Impressed! - @ Judy's Book
Earwax cafe has a great decor (think a circus freakshow marries a vegan restauranteur) and an even better menu. The Seitan is really awesome (try the sloppy joe or stir fry dishes) and I'd go anything vegan because...well, it's hard to…

great menu - @ Judy's Book
I really like the mix of food the Earwax Cafe serves. There is so much vegan/vegetarian stuff on the menu so vegans/vegetarians won't just have one dish to choose from like they do at a lot restaurants. But meat eaters can also choose to…